Legal services in English

Michael Staudenmayer can provide legal services also in English for corporate and private clients. He maintains a continuing professional relationship with a widespread network of colleagues in many countries in order to offer his clients up-to-date, complete and independent legal services.

Specialized advice and competent representation is offered mainly in the following areas:
- Real estate law
- Asset Protection
- How to start up business
- Law of contract
- Tax law
- Labour law
- Representation in court
- Recovering of debts
- Arbitration

Real estate law
• Law governing tenancy
- Adaptation to the local comparable rent
- Adaptation of rent for reason of modernization
• Construction law
- proceeding for the immediate preservation of evidence
- enforcement of guarantees and warranties
• Optimising of tax advantages

Asset Protection
• Protection from unjust impairment
• Recovery of losses
• grey capital market products, such as closed end funds
• Review of loan agreements, mortgaged loans
• life insurances
• Representation in and out of courts

Start ups
• Strategy of entry into new markets
• Distribution systems
• Intermediary structures
• How to find the appropriate type of intermediary
• Establishing of a subsidiary
• Drafting and controlling of contracts
• Tax declarations

Law of contract
• Drafting of contracts
• Reviewing of Contracts: general terms of business, forms, individual contracts
• Advice on contracts to be notarized (e.g. contracts concerning real property)
• Representation in negotiations and in disputes arising from contracts

Tax law
• Tax declarations
• Tax law aspects of real assets
• We render advice on the choice of the best legal structure for your enterprise
• Continuous tax law advice
• Examination of contracts regarding tax law aspects
• inheritance tax and gift tax

Representation in court
• We represent you all over Germany at
- district/regional/upper courts ( Amtsgericht, Landgericht, Oberlandesgericht)
- tax courts
• If the respective court is very far from us, we can also help you to find a specialized and experienced local lawyer.

Recovering of debts
• Requests for payment
• Judicial assertion
• Judicial execution

Languages spoken: German, English, French